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Nearly 200 years ago, Carver, Inc. began to design and manufacture custom, high-quality, long-lasting process machinery and systems for the cotton ginning and cottonseed processing industries. Carver products helped processors around the world clean, size, separate and recover a variety of products. A century and a half after Carver started, Carver remains the world's premier manufacturer of high efficiency, modern preparation machinery for cottonseed, sunflower seed, peanuts, and other oilseeds.

As the years passed, the same factors that made Carver's machines the most  trusted in the cotton industry attracted processors in other industries as well. From consumer and food products to agriculture, plastics and more, Carver's customers rely on years of experience to help them design, manufacture and commission effective processes that meet their individual needs.

The Patel Brothers group, have had a history of over 100 years in the Cotton Trade and since the introduction of cotton and cottonseed as the leading company in India for the manufacture and supply of cottonseed processing machinery and equipment using Carver technology.

Carver Technology and Equipment   Pvt  Ltd is a Joint Venture Company set up between these two great companies to manufacture and supply in India  machinery and equipment  using the latest  Carver USA technology, at their fully equipped   Manufacturing Facility in India.


The processing expertise Carver USA developed over the last 150 years is now at work in a variety of industries. Building on Carver's history of innovation, Carver offers a complete range of products for processors of all types. From concept to design, and prototype to production, Carver can provide the machines or systems to meet your processing needs.

Carver's deep history in the processing industry means that Carver understands these needs. Carver know you need to protect the environment, producing the highest quality product with the least amount of waste. You need to reduce operating costs by using more efficient processes. You need to find new ways to effectively remove impurities from raw materials and recover valuable products from waste. Product quality, environmental stewardship, operating efficiency - Carver's machines can help you with them all.


Carver custom systems are backed with over a century of applied knowledge. Expertly designed, engineered and constructed, Carver's machines will:

Remove impurities from raw material
Recover valuable product from a by-product or waste stream
Purify and enhance your end product
Improve your product yield and quality
Separate by-products into more valuable products
Reduce waste disposal needs
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